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Saturday 2 April 2022

Having a Break

Hi everyone and hope you all okay

 Im here writing this to say that im putting now A Bit More Time To Craft on hold for at least a few months. Home life is getting the better of me a lot just lately again and im not coping very well with it all and need to put family first.

Hope you can understand and so sorry for letting you all down but we will be back hopefully in a few months time once things are sorted.

The challenge running will still run until the 14th April then that will be it for a while.

I will still post the winners from that challenge after it ends.

Thank you all for your support and think having our first break in nearly 7 years of running i think we have all done well

Hope you will join us again soon

Take care and stay safe

Hugs Lozzy, Margaret and Janice xx

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  1. Totally understand Lozzy - take all the time that you need. Family comes first. Look after yourself and we'll be here when you are ready to start back up again.

  2. Hope things settle down on the personal front. Looking forward to the challenge resuming.

  3. So sorry to hear things are a bit tough right now. I’m praying for you and your family. I hope all will turn out well, and look forward to the challenge coming back live again in the future. Big hugs!

  4. Take all the time you need. Sending lots of hugs Emmax